Easiest Corn Tortillas EVER for Round Consistent Tortillas

Easiest Corn Tortillas EVER


Easiest Corn Tortillas EVER



Easiest Corn Tortillas EVER for Round Consistent Tortillas

Hi all! I absolutley love homemade corn tortillas and make them all the time, so I came up with this method “Easiest Corn Tortillas EVER” to make them easier to make with  absolutetly no rolling invovled. Homemade tortillas are so fresh and WAY better than storebought.  I hope you enjoy these 7 easy tips!


  1. Make the Tortillas. Corn tortilla recipes are very similar. I make the dough from this recipe for 3 Ingredient Authentic Mexican Corn Tortillas from Isabel Eats, Click here to be taken to the recipe.

2.Form Dough into a Log. After the dough is mixed I form the dough in a log about 1 1/12 to 2 inches wide and wrap in suran wrap. Then according to the recipe I let the dough sit for 1 hour.

3. Cut Don’t Roll. Once the dough is ready (after sitting for 1 hour), cut into equal pieces, about 8-10 rounds. I cut the log in half and then the two halves again into fourths. I then cut each fourth in half again to get 8 tortilas. Instead, you can also cut each half into 5 pieces to get 10 tortillas total or 6 pieces to get 12 tortillas. The more dough you have per ball the bigger the tortilla will be. So how many you make really depends how big  you want the tortillas.

4. Use a Tortilla Press. If you make tortillas often, I would highly recommend investing in a tortilla press. Presses are easy to use and make this process a piece of cake. You could use a rolling pin, but you may not consistency be able to roll the tortillas thin enough.

5. Line the Tortilla Press with a Plastic Bag. Before pressing tortillas, line the tortilla press with a plastic gallon zip lock bag that has been cut down the sides. When unfolded it should look like one long rectangle with a crease in the middle and the zip part and both ends. Put the crease at the back of the press and place the round in between the two ides of plastic.

5. Mold the Dough.  Also before pressing slightly press each cut dough round together to round out the edges, which prevents the edges from cracking or spliting to give a nice round consistent tortilla.

6. Cook and Press. While a tortilla is cooking you can press the remaining cut dough laying each  pressed tortilla on the edge of the counter top. I lay may with about 1/4 of the tortilla or a little bit of the edge hanging off. This allows for the tortilla to be easily picked up for cooking.

7. Cover the Dough. Lastly, make sure to keep the unpressed dough covered while you are working so it doesn’t dry out.






Easiest Corn Tortillas EVER

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