How to Sprout Chia Seeds

How to Sprout Chia Seeds

How to Sprout Chia Seeds
How to Sprout Chia Seeds
How to Sprout Chia Seeds

How to Sprout Chia Seeds – A DIY Guide


How to Sprout Chia Seeds - A DIY Guide


  • Dish: unglazed terracotta ceramic or clay. Can also use an unglazed pie plat or plant saucers
  • Some sort of clear cover for the dish can be glass or plastic
  • Spray bottle
  • Chia seeds


  1. Sprinkle chia seeds on the dish in a nice single layer. Don't overcrowd, but they tend to do better when close other seeds.
  2. Spray the dish twice a day and may have to spray them more depending on the temperature and growing stage. You want to keep them moist/wet at all times, but not too wet or drowning in water. If they are too wet they will form a slime layer and swell. This is great for chia seed pudding, but not sprouting.
  3. Cover with a lid
  4. In the first stages of growing it is necessary to spray them, but later on you may water them with a direct stream of gentle water (not too much though) or spray them.
  5. For the first 2-3 days keep the moistened seeds in a place out of the sun.
  6. When you see little sprouts starting to grow move to window sill or sunny spot keeping the lid on and keeping moist.
  7. Remove the lid as the sprouts start to grow and push on it.
  8. When 1/2-2 inches high don't water and let dry out a little bit. Cut the sprouts just above the roots and use. (don't want to water before cutting)
  9. You can also take the whole sprout (root and all) and store in a partially closed container in the refrigerator. Make sure to cut the sprouts above the roots prior to eating)

Recipe Notes

Chia seeds can be slow growers. Notice the amount of water in the dish with my chia sprouts....this is too much! I water right before taking these pictures and added just a little bit more than I should have. Over water once in a while is not going to hurt them though!


How to Sprout Chia Seeds



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